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At the international level, the most important impact will be facilitating the joint activities between eight countries through mutual understanding of common problems in higher education in creative industries across the whole continent no matter the different political and cultural contexts. Established cooperation between organizations from four Balkan countries will contribute towards the Europeanization of the Western Balkan region and will strengthen cooperation between all countries involved.

Instituto Politécnico do Porto – IPP

P.PORTO is higher education of excellence, but also a space of ideas and results in several areas where we make a difference. We are the engine of cultural transformation of the city, the region and the country. We seek to respond to contemporary demands, building bridges between the academic universe, professional practice and society.

Banja Luka College

Banja Luka College is an accredited, higher education institution of academic studies, which offers advanced knowledge, which enables a competitive advantage on the market, both in BiH and abroad.

International University EUROPA PRIMA Skopje

The International University Europa Prima, Skopje is the first and actual higher education bridge between Macedonia and Europe. The first generations of students, with their exceptional energy, enthusiasm, talent and artistic expression, display a quiet audiovisual higher education revolution, which is taking place in Macedonia, saying goodbye to old stereotypes of the “controlled past”, and builds the future of the new artistic and professional reality, not only in Macedonia, but also in the countries of Southeast Europe, from which we have a good third of enrolled students.

Center for Comparative and International Studies

Center for Comparative and International Studies (CCIS): Founded in 2006 in Albania is a civil society organization with a focus on sustainable development and youth empowerment, CCIS brings extensive experience in project management, research, and capacity-building programs. Their well-established network in Albania and Southeast Europe, coupled with their expertise in youth and social innovation, makes them instrumental in coordinating project activities and engaging local communities.

Dortmund University of Applied Sciences

Fachhochschule Dortmund - University of Applied Sciences and Arts is committed to provide academic education to young people through the quality of teaching, personal mentoring and a world-oriented approach, to encourage them to develop their potential and to pave attractive career paths for them.

International University Travnik

The International University Travnik is aimed at contributing to the local, regional and global community through concrete achievements of the higher education educational process that is constantly developing and improving through integration and innovation, through inspiring forms of dissemination and application of knowledge and skills. International University Travnik bases its work on the most important experiences of leading European and world universities with the consistent application of the Bologna process.

Mesdheu Education (Universiteti Mesdhetar I Shqiperise)

The Mediterranean University of Albania represents a unique effort in the field of higher education in Albania.Mediterranean University of Albania providing students a top quality education level helping them to achieve progress in many fields and contributing to a better society.

Union of the Macedonian Professional associations in the creative industries UMPAKI Skopje

UMPAKI is a Union of Macedonian Professional Associations in the Creative Industries. Members of the Union can be representative professional organizations in the field of creative industries and thus meet the criteria set out in the separate Rule on Membership and Membership. We think it is very important to take care of the creative industries, because the creative economy is growing faster than any other economic sector and we have to keep up with the endless demand for innovation and complex creative work that is difficult to automate.

Mediterrean University Podgorica

Mediterranean University Podgorica was founded on May 30, 2006 in Podgorica, as the first private university in Montenegro. During the past decade of work, the university has grown into an eminent higher education institution that realizes its teaching and scientific activities through nine study programs in undergraduate studies, ten study programs in specialist studies, eleven in master's programs and two study programs in doctoral studies.


Creative Thinking Development - CRETHIDEV is a non-profit company which focuses on research, as well as development of studies and action plans mainly in the fields of life-long learning, environmental protection, innovation, employment, local development, health, sports and culture.

Marin Barleti University

Barleti University, as a non-public institution of higher education, started its activity in 2005 by graduating a large number of successful students. It was founded and led by a Board of Directors made of well-known intellectuals from the “world” of science and politics in Albania.

University of Montenegro

UNIVERSITY OF MONTENEGRO is an intellectual development of Montenegro - the center of scientific research, cultural, artistic and innovative creativity. It is the oldest and at the same time the only state university in Montenegro. It is the most comprehensive higher education institution that provides education in the fields of social sciences, humanities, as well as technological, natural and medical sciences.

Thessaly University

The University of Thessaly is a dynamically developing higher education institute. Their mission is to promote knowledge through instruction and research and to contribute to the cultural and economic development on a regional, national and international level. To achieve its goals, the University seeks to create a learning environment promoting critical thought, innovation, freedom of expression and cultivation of loyalty to democratic ideals.

New Bulgarian University

New Bulgarian University was established on 18 September 1991 with a resolution by Bulgarian Parliament. The mission of New Bulgarian University is to be an autonomous liberal education institution dedicated to the advancement of university education by offering accessible and affordable opportunities for interdisciplinary and specialized education and research of high quality. Bringing its academic potential to the service of society, the University prepares its graduates for the challenges of modern democratic life cultivating critical and creative thinking, sensitivity to cultural difference, and problem‐solving.

Institute for Technology Transfer and Innovations

The Institute for Technology Transfer and Innovations (ITTI)works toward the creation and the development of a national innovation infrastructure, the spreading of new knowledge, the stimulation of technological entrepreneurship, the transfer of knowledge and technologies and the market application of innovative products.

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